We have been offering 2 undergraduate programs: i) telecommunications engineering; ii) electronic and information engineering.

In particular, the telecommunications engineering program has been awarded as one of the national distinguished majors, and it has also been awarded as one of the representative undergraduate programs in the Hubei Province. Three courses including “the foundation of the electronics ", "electronic circuit design and testing," and "communications circuits" have awarded as the national outstanding courses and the national open-sharing courses. In recent years, we have won three second-prizes of the National Teaching Achievement consecutively. We have the National Electrical and Electronic Laboratory Teaching Demonstration Center (electronic). Our electrical and electronic teaching team has been awarded as one of the national outstanding teaching teams. The “Basic of Information Theory” course was awarded the national-level international English teaching brand course.

Program Tracks

Based on the characteristics of overseas students and making full use of our educational resources, we design the program to bring up students mastering the basic theory of electronic and information fields, as well as reasonable knowledge framework.

After graduation, the students will be professional on theoretical principles and information retrieval, transfer, process and application. They would possess the practical abilities to design various of communication and information systems. After returning to their own country, they can work for information technology industries, research institutes, universities, and other  related communities in research, design, integration and engineering areas.

Admission/Requirments and Policies

For undergraduates, the university only offers admission for the Fall semester.

Autumn Admissions Timeline

The dates and deadlines below are for the application to the program that starts in Fall of each year.

* Note that all programs are open in the Fall Semester.

Online Application & Submission

Deadline: March 1st to June30th, 2014

* Note that the entrance to the program is in September .


1. Login the online application system at http://admission.hust.edu.cn/

2. Register and apply online

3. Upload all the required documents and Submit your application

4. Wait for the Admission Notice and Visa Application Form



I) Non-Chinese Passport holders;

II) Applicants for bachelor’s degree should hold the passport above 4 years and receive his/her latest 2 years education outside of China.

Degree or Certificate and Eligibility

Applicants for Bachelor’s degree should be Senior high school graduates or above and 

under the age of 30.

* Note that the details will be notified individually by the representatives of the relevant College/Department directly.

Required Documents

1. One photocopy of your passport;

2. An official certificate of your highest education;or an official Certificate of Enrollment for the ones still on campus;

3. Official transcripts;

4. Statement why you choose the program;

* Note that all certificates or Diploma issued in the third language should be notarized in Chinese or English editions.

Language Proficiency

Chinese medium Programs:

HSK 4 or above for medical, engineering, science, economics, management, law and Education programs

HSK 6 or above for Chinese literature, history, philosophy programs

English medium Programs:

Good command of English; TOEFL, GRE, IELTS or other official English test recognized by HUST

Admissions Decision

Admission results can be checked in the application system at http://admission.hust.edu.cn/. And the HUST International Student Office will send Admission Notice and Visa Application Form ASAP.


Academic Policies 

Clause I Registration

1. All international students and Students from Hong Kong, Macau,Taiwanand Overseas Chinese Students should register and pay for the tuition in the International Students Office. New students should pay the tuition when registered. Students who have already studied in our university should register with Student Card three days before the start of the new semester.

2. Students who cannot register on time should provide a written excuse, and acquire the permission of teachers in International Students Office beforehand. Students could not ask for leave for more than two weeks. If students fail to ask for leave or get the permission in advance, they will be regarded as truancy. As to students who deter the registration for more than two weeks, they are deemed as voluntary abandon of their student status and quit from our university. Students could not be registered without the payment of tuition.

3. Student who is diagnosed with a disease which is risky for public health or fail to pass physical examination will not be registered and accepted by the university and should leave China within a limited period.

Clause II Before Major Learning

1. International students whose major will be taught in Chinese have to learn Chinese language and pass the corresponding level of Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) before major learning.

2. The students majored in Science, Engineering, Economics and Management should get passed in HSK Band 3, and those in Literature, Philosophy and Law should get passed in HSK Band 5, and then are qualified and permitted to take specialty-oriented courses in Chinese.

3. As for Chinese Government Scholarship students, they can learn Chinese language for no more than two years.

Clause III Study Disciplines

1. Daily Discipline

Students should follow the requirements of the teaching plan and attend all the study activities provided in the plan. All students should observe class disciplines and should never be late for class or retreat early. Except for holidays and festivals, students should not make bold to leave school or cut school. In one semester, if the absent times add up to 10 classes, the student would be warned, and if the absent times add up to 50 classes, the student would be compelled to quit from our university

2. Ask for Leave:

If students are unable to participate in studying activities, they should submit a written ask-for-leave application (a diagnosis identification is required if the leave is the result of the illness). If students are unable to ask for leave in advance in case of emergency, they should afterward make up the ask-for-leave within three days. The application for leave should only come into effect after the permission. If students leave without permission or the leave period exceeds the permitted period, it will be regarded as absent. A leave of/within seven days should be approved by the school/department concerned. Leave exceeding seven days should be approved by International Students Office. Students who fail to submit a written ask-for-leave application within two weeks is deemed as voluntary cancellation of study and the university will notify the Immigration Office to abolish the qualification for the legal residence.

Clause IV Awards and Subsidies

Candidates who perform excellently in study or in other aspects will be praised and awarded. Candidates will be granted premium, souvenir and certificates of merit etc. The university will notify the embassy of the students’ motherland of the awards that they acquired.

Candidates who have published academic papers as the first author in famous academic journals as recognized by the university and list HUST as the first institution of publication will be awarded by International Student Office. Subsidy (once only, no more than 1000 RMB) shall be provided depending on the importance of the journal that they published on.

If any term here of conflicts with the university regulations about undergraduate and graduate students, the latter shall control.

Financial aids &housing

Clause I Rules for Living on Campus

1. Read Contract for Friendship Apartments Building Residence carefully and sign the Contract. Students should follow the rules and regulations prescribed in the Contract.

2. Rules for putting a visitor up in the apartment

(1) The valid ID card of the visitors and the registration are required if students want to take their compatriot or classmates;

(2) If students want to take their compatriot or classmates of the same gender (not including their classmates in China) in the apartment, they should register first. Visitors are free from the residence fee for one week and RMB 20 Yuan each day if exceeding one week.

(3) Students are not allowed to take a compatriot/friend of the opposite gender or compatriot/friend inChinain the apartment. However, the compatriot/friend can be regarded as visitor to live in the building after getting the permission from the teacher and paying the rent.

Clause II Rules for Living off Campus

1. A written application to International Students Office is required if students want to live outside.

2. They should fill two copies of the Record for the Students Living off Campus and submit the following documents:

(1) Students who live outside should submit lease contract, a copy of Security Certificate for Leased House in Wuhan issued by local police office, a copy of house ownership certificate or house purchasing contract from owner of the house, a copy of house owner’s ID card and house owner’s telephone number;

(2) Students who live with friend or relative should submit the household registration certificate of the friend or relative, a letter of commitment to the students’ security;

3. After the evaluation of the above materials, International Students Office will issue a permit for living outside or a certificate for residence changing. Students should personally register at local police office with the above materials within 24 hours after they change to new homes off the campus (students are also requested to register at local police station ofTongjiMedicalCollegeafter they are transferred from main campus). Besides, they should make the change for registration at Entry & Exit Administration Department of Wuhan Bureau of Police.

4. If students want to change the address again, they should go through the above procedures once more, record the change at local police office within 24 hours, and then register at Entry & Exit Administration Department of Wuhan Bureau of Police.

5. Apart from application, lease contract, a copy of Security Certificate for Leased House in Wuhan issued by local police office, a copy of house ownership certificate or house purchasing contract from the house owner, a copy of house owner’s ID card and house owner’s telephone number, students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, overseas Chinese students should also submit a permission letter from their parents;

6. International students, students fromHong Kong,MacaoandTaiwan, overseas Chinese students living outside should follow laws and regulations ofChina, respect Chinese tradition and customs, raise their sense of personal safety. Police will punish the students who violate Chinese laws.


Residential Contract for Chinese Government Scholarship Students      

1.     Property Management is entrusted by International Student Office to keep public place in high hygiene standards and be responsible for regular maintenance of the building. Property Management also provides fully-equipped and clean apartments when students check in.

2.     Student applicant for dormitory  agrees to abide by regulations of Property Management. Every student is provided with 120 kWh of electricity and 6 tons of water for free per month. The excess electricity and water, TV, Internet and other billings should be fully paid by the student applicant for dormitory.

3. Student applicant for dormitory should take good care of the furniture and facilities. Maintenance fees for any intentional damage should be fully paid by the student applicant for dormitory. Repair fee for normal wear and tear will be paid by International Student Office.  

4. Student applicant for dormitory should maintain public hygiene and is not allowed to put personal belongings in public places (i.e. corridors, and etc.). Any personal belonging found in corridors will be considered garbage and will be  cleared out.

5.To guarantee a quiet environment for other students, Student applicant for dormitory is not allowed to make loud noises or play loud music inside the building.

6.Visitors must leave on time and are not allowed to stay overnight. Those who disobeyed the rules will be punished according to the university regulations or relevant provisions from Wuhan MunicipalPublic Security Bureau.

7. To ensure fire and electrical safety in dormitory, student applicant for dormitory is not allowed to use electric  stove, electric heater, electric heating cup, electric blanket, electric iron, and etc. Gas appliances, flammable and explosive goods are strictly prohibited inside the building.     

 8.Quarrelling, fighting, excessive drinking and raising pets are not allowed in dormitory.

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