Multimedia and Communication Network Center

MCNC is an innovative center dedicating to the advancement of technology in the fields of multimedia, wireless network, internet flow control, video coding and decoding and etc. Under the leadership of Professor YU, more than twenty graduate and undergraduate students work together towards both academic and individual career fulfillment. Diversity of group members contributes to the active inter-communication within lab. Moreover, MCNC also provides a playground for members to have fun. Various entertaining activities and games are scheduled periodically, which help creating an ambient atmosphere among lab members.

Our Mission Statement

To provide an outstanding educational experience for students at both the MS and Ph.D. levels, to conduct research that will advance the state of the art in the field, to promote industrial interactions and codevelopment, to promote extended learning opportunities for off-campus students, and to provide substantive exposure to undergraduate students to analog and mixed-signal design issues.

Research Directions

  • 3D Video
  • Video Coding
  • Video communication
  • Trust Routing
  • Network Capacity
  • Network calculus
  • Cognitive networks
  • Network coding

Publications and Patents

1. One loop-filtering Method and loop-filter in Video Coding System, ZL200410012658.0.
2. One Complexity-Scalable Intra-Frame Prediction Method, ZL200410061094.X.
3. One Enhancement Intra-Frame Prediction Mode Coding Method. ZL200510018489.6 AVS core patent.
4. Integer transform matrix selection method in video coding and related integer transform matrix. 05251662.2 in Europe.

Some publications of the center: Download the List

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