Chen Ke  Associate Professor

Academic area: Rf circuits and microwave microwave radiation imaging passive microwave remote sensing detection system

Chen Ping Associate Professor

Academic area: Electromagnetic theory and application of microwave remote sensing

Dong Yan  Associate Professor

Academic area: Adaptive transmission, network optimization, wireless location, space, self-organizing network communication system

Gui Liangqi Associate Professor

Academic area: Remote sensing and detection, electromagnetic compatibility and microwave/THz signal integrity, wireless communication

Huang Quanliang Associate Professor

Academic area: Microwave remote sensing, microwave remote sensing image processing and fusion

Lang Liang Associate Professor

Academic area: Microwave remote sensing, microwave radiation and scattering theory, antenna design, deep space exploration

Li Qiang  Associate Professor

Academic area: Wireless communications, wireless communication, collaboration network coding, information theory, cognitive radio, the next generation mobile communication system

Tian Jiasheng Associate Professor

Academic area: Microwave communication technology, the electromagnetic field theory and application of free-electron laser, ocean remote sensing technology, the technology of millimeter wave

Zhang Jing  Associate Professor

Academic area: Wireless communications, green communications, wireless access networks

Lu Fang   Lecturer
Academic area: Modern electronic equipment and system, embedded system development and application of compression perception
He Feng   Lecturer

Academic area: Target information acquisition, microwave and millimeter wave technology, the array antenna and signal processing

Ge Xiaohu  Professor

Academic area: new generation of mobile communication system, wireless network, green communication, biological information

Guo Wei  Professor

Academic area: electromagnetic field and microwave technology, microwave remote sensing and wireless communication

Hu Fei   Professor

Academic area: Non-cooperative target information acquisition, microwave and millimeter wave technology, the array antenna and signal processing, wireless communication network

Li Qingxia  Professor

Academic area: Microwave remote sensing and explorations, electromagnetic theory and application, antenna array and signal processing

Ma Hong   Professor

Academic area: Wireless communication, software radio, adaptive signal processing and array signal processing, nonlinear circuit theory, microwave millimeter wave technology