Cheng Qimin  Associate Professor

Academic area: Image retrieval,geographic information system

Feng Bin    Associate Professor

Guo Peng    Associate Professor

Academic area: Wireless communication network,communication system

Han Tao    Associate Professor

Hu Menglan  Associate Professor

Academic area: Cloud computing, mobile computing, distributed computing, wireless sensor networks

Jin Jiang  Associate Professor

Academic area: Broadband wireless communication and multimedia communication, signal and information processing

Liu Bo   Associate Professor

Academic area: Digital signal processing, intelligent instrument, optical communications, multimedia communications

Liu Xuefeng  Associate Professor

Academic area: Wireless sensor network and applications, mobile computing, intelligent computing, distributed computing

Peng Wei    Associate Professor

Academic area: Multi-antenna communication system, single carrier and multicarrier communication system in the Transceiver design, large-scale signal detection and processing

Su Gang  Associate Professor

Academic area: key technology of Beyond 4g wireless communication system, including multiple antenna system, collaboration, communication and wireless resource management, etc

Tian Cheng  Associate Professor

Academic area:  computer network, distributed system

Wang Bang  Associate Professor

Academic area: Wireless communication and computer network, network planning and optimization, distributed algorithms and protocols, etc

Wang Desheng Associate Professor

Academic area: Mobile communications, wireless multimedia communication with intelligent network, self-organization network, space-time signal processing

Wu Weimin  Associate Professor

Academic area: Mobile communications, wireless Internet

Xu Duanquan Associate Professor

Academic area: Computer vision and graphics, artificial intelligence, the development and application of embedded system

Yang Xin   Associate Professor

Academic area: Mobile augmented reality, computer vision, medical image analysis, large-scale image retrieval

Zhang Wei  Associate Professor

Academic area: Intelligent monitoring system, traffic monitoring system, 3 d stereo vision, video analysis, etc

Zhou Pan  Associate Professor

Academic area: Big data science, wireless network, data and network security

Cao Yang  Lecturer

Academic area: Mobile multimedia network, mobile cloud computing, smart grid, and the Internet of things

Lin Hongzhi Lecturer

Academic area: Mobile communications, wireless communication, communication signal processing

Liu Jian   Lecturer

Academic area: Mobile communications, wireless Internet

Luo Kai   Lecturer

Academic area: Communication and array signal processing, statistical signal processing, radar signal processing

Tan Li   Lecturer

Academic area: Wireless communication system architecture, wireless resource management

Wang Xinggang Lecturer

Academic area: Computer vision, machine learning, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence

Yang You   Lecturer

Academic area: multimedia communication

Bai Xiang  Professor

Academic area: Computer vision and pattern recognition, image graphics processing, machine learning

Cao Hanqiang  Professor

Academic area: Computer graphics image processing and application, network information security, laser holographic anti-counterfeiting

Jiang Tao  Professor

Academic area: Multicarrier communication, network information theory, nami network, vehicle communication, information security, etc

Jiang Hongbo  Professor

Academic area: Communication and Information Systems

Liu Yingzhuang  Professor

Academic area: Modern mobile communications, including: LTE/IMT Advance etc. Broadband wireless access, including WLAN, WPAN, etc. Satellite communications and networking, Modern signal processing

Liu Wenyu Professor

Academic area: Wireless communications, multimedia information processing and computer vision

Liu Yu  Professor

Academic area: Mobile Internet technology, computer network, digital communication

Qu Daiming Professor

Academic area: Wireless communications, signal processing, cognitive radio

You Xinge  Professor

Academic area: Pattern recognition, image and signal processing, computer vision, machine learning and data mining, the wavelet Analysis and application, biometrics, and intelligent anti-counterfeiting

Yu Li  Professor

Academic area: Computer network, multimedia information processing, wireless communication