English Teaching Master Program for Foreign Students of the School of Electronic Information and Communications

 (Discipline Code: 0810   Master Degree of Engineering)

Educational Objectives

The educational program is within the wide range of grade-1 discipline. Through studying mathematical basis, telecommunications basis, advanced signal processing theory, and preparing for dissertation, the graduates can master the basic theory of information science; also they can obtain the research skills of theory and engineering technology in related fields such as communication systems, information processing systems and Space information sciences. Focus on four key points: factualism and innovation, theoretical research and engineering experience, system design and core technology development as well as the hardware and software development. So that the graduates with a strong professional ability can meet the social needs of professionals in communication and information fields.

The training on skills of scientific research runs through the whole program. Theoretical research is started when students enter school, and courses study simultaneous with dissertation research.

Main research fields

1.Communication Systems

2. Mobile Communication

3. Advanced Signal Processing

4. Advanced Network Communication Techniques

Program Duration, Credits and Requirements

The Master program is based on the Credit System. Duration for full time master candidate is generally set as 2 years.

The requirements of total credits for foreign students:

Total credits ≥ 39

Credits of courses ≥ 26

Credits of research ≥ 13


Total Credits

       Overseas Students ≥ 39

       Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Students ≥ 37

Optional Courses Credits


    General courses  6 credits

 Pass Chinese or HSK level 3 : 4 credits  Introduction of China  2 credits

Basic Courses ≥ 8 Credits

 (It consists of fundamental theory courses, professional fundamental courses, and professional and associated interdisciplinary courses.)

If the professional fundamental courses haven’t been taken during the undergraduate schooling, 2 to 3 courses must be made up, but the credits won’t be recorded.

Optional courses (Graduate students can choose the courses with the permission of supervisor freely, and the credits will be recorded as the credits which aren’t required by Master degree.)

Research Credits


Literature reading and Research Proposal    1credit

Academic Proposal   1 credit

Publication   1 credit

Dissertation   1