" International Exchange of Students" index for international students in our School was evaluated as the national first during the evaluation of the national first-level discipline.

The national natural science funds got a big harvest with a total of 19 projects being approved, and contained 1 outstanding youth project, 2 key projects and 1 international cooperation project.

The “theory and technique research of broadband wireless and low-power communication system” presided by Tao Jiang won the 1st Prize of the Natural Science in Hubei Province.

The “comprehensive anti-counterfeiting key technique research and system application development” presided by national anti-counterfeiting engineering center  became one of the national ministry of science and technology supporting program.

Our School signed a strategic cooperation agreement with ZTE Corporation, one of the national college students out of school practice education bases.

Two provincial excellent resource sharing courses “Electronic circuit design, testing and experiment” and “Electronic circuit of communication” were approved.

Three textbooks were approved by ministry of education as higher education "125" national planning materials projects in education department.

The “exploration and practice in international education for international undergraduates in major of communication engineering”, presided by Professor Wenqing Cheng, won the 1st prize of provincial teaching achievement rewards and the special prize of the HUST teaching achievement rewards.

The School successfully held the fourth session of the higher school of electrical and electronic experimental teaching seminar in Hubei Province in 2011.

The Ph.D. student Xinggang Wang obtained the prize of Microsoft Fellowship.

The team led by Mr. Bo Zhou won the golden prize in the final competition of the 8th Chinese graduate electronic design.