Project "network content analysis of key technologies and applications" taken on by Wei Xu won Hubei Science and Technology Progress first Award.

Project "OFDM wireless communications some basic research" taken on by Jiang Tao won the Ministry of Education Natural Science second Award.

Military major special Projects "XX system signal design and verification" taken on by JiaoLong Wei was approved.

Telecom Excellence Engineer Plan experimental classes enrolled undergraduate student for the first time.

"Electronic Circuit Design Experiments Test (4th Edition)" edited by Jie Luo and ZiMei Xie was selected as the Ministry of Education Higher quality materials bibliography in 2011.

Yu Liuis got nomination for BaoGan Education Award Grand Prize.

A Ph.D student in our School published a paper in the international top conference of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS),which was the first time of HUST to publish papers in NIPS.

The Ph.D student Yang Cao obtained the prize of Microsoft Fellowship.