• Jan 01 ,2014

    The National Natural Science Fund for Outstanding Youth Project “large scale MIMO communication theory and method research under complex wireless environment ” applied by Tao Jiang, was approved w

  • Jan 01 ,2013

    The course “Basis of Information Theory” obtained the national-level title “brand English-teaching course for international students studying in China”. “Digital Signal Processing and App

  • Jan 01 ,2012

    " International Exchange of Students" index for international students in our School was evaluated as the national first during the evaluation of the national first-level discipline. The national n

  • Jan 01 ,2011

    Project "network content analysis of key technologies and applications" taken on by Wei Xu won Hubei Science and Technology Progress first Award. Project "OFDM wireless communications some basic re

  • Jan 01 ,2010

    Our School successfully became one of the first pilot faculties of the first pilot schools in national "Excellent engineer education and training program". The first class of undergraduate students

  • Jan 01 ,2009

    The education reform project “Research and practice for team training mode of undergraduate innovative talents” won the 2rd prize of the 6th National Teaching Achievement.

  • Jan 01 ,2007

    The secondary discipline “Communication and Information System” was approved as the national key (cultivating) discipline.

  • Jan 01 ,2007

    “Information and Communication Engineering” and “Electronic Science and Technology” was approved as the first key discipline in Hubei Province. “Communication Electronic Circuit” was appro

  • Jan 01 ,2006

    The Tanzania undergraduate class began and it was the first time in China to establish organizational system of full-time English teaching classes for international students.

  • Jan 01 ,2005

    The National Anti-counterfeiting Engineering Center was officially launched. The electrical and electronic teaching center was assessed the first batch of national electrical and electronic experiment

  • Jan 01 ,2003

    The “Communication and Information System” was set up as the provincial key discipline. Spatial information science and technology, biology Information Technology were added as the secondary disci

  • Jan 01 ,2002

    The teaching and research office was cancelled; 9 research centers (institutions) and an experimental center were set up. 

  • Jan 01 ,2001

    The education reform project “research and practice for the engineering of practical ability and innovative design ability training for university students in telecommunications discipline” won th

  • Jan 01 ,1998

    The department was firstly authorized to confer Doctoral Degree in two first-level discipline: Information and Communication Engineering, Electronic Science and Technology. The department also set up

  • Jan 01 ,1996

    Since 1996, the department opened mathematical advanced classes for all electronic majors in HUST. By the end of 1966, electronics teaching and research office  in department of Automatic

  • Jun 01 ,1991

    Post-doctoral research stations of telecommunications and electronic systems was established.

  • Jan 26 ,1987

    The spe was authorized to confer Master Degree in Circuits and Systems, Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology, Signal and Information Processing.

  • Jan 26 ,1985

    Department of Radio Engineering was renamed as Department of Electronic and Information Engineering.

  • Jan 26 ,1984

    The department set up two new undergraduate specialities: Information Engineering, Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology.

  • Jan 26 ,1981

    Department of Radio Engineering acquired conferring right for master degree and doctoral degree in the speciality of Communication and Electronic System.

  • Jan 01 ,1979

    Institute of Image Recognition and Artificial Intelligence was established.

  • Jul 01 ,1978

    The First Department of Electronic Engineering was renamed as Department of Radio Engineering; The Second Department of Electronic Engineering was renamed as Department of Solid State Electronics.

  • Sep 01 ,1972

    The department of Automatic Control Engineering and the Department of Computer Engineering were separated from the department, and the name of department was change into Department of Radio Engineerin

  • Jan 26 ,1963

    Department of Radio Engineering & Automatic Control Engineering provided two more new specialties: semiconductor materials and Computer. And the departments starts to recruit graduate students for

  • Mar 01 ,1961

     Department of Radio Engineering and Department of Automatic Control Engineering were merged into Department of Radio & Automatic Control Engineering, and there are four specialties: Radio te

  • Sep 01 ,1960
  • Jun 01 ,1960

     Department of Radio electronics in HuaZhong Institute of Technology was established.